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This Costa Rican meal was first brought to my attention by a North Dakotan. My wonderful sister-in-law (and brother, too) invited us to share a week long vacation with them in Costa Rica. They have been enjoying this vacation spot for many years and wanted to share a little bit of heaven with us. It was a wonderful experience, and I long to visit again and explore more.

Some of the things that stuck with me during our trip were the sunsets, monkeys and baby turtles, and a classic Costa Rican dish of beans, rice and eggs called gallo pinto! Yum!

Costa Rican Sunset


gallo pinto


Making this meal stateside could not be easier. I use a package Vigo black beans and rice and six eggs. For the sauce (Lizano Costa Rican goodness) I bought on amazon, which is the same sauce that can be found in the little coastal town where we stayed. It’s a huge bottle and will last a long time!!Lizano & Vigo



  • Vigo black bean and rice
  • 6 egg
  • 1/4 milk
  • Lizano salsa

Cook rice and beans as directed. Whisk together eggs and milk in small bowl. Place eggs in pan on medium heat. We cook our eggs very lowly so that they are cooked through and are fluffy but a little runny.

Place rice, beans, and eggs on plate and drizzle with Costa Rican goodness, Lizano! This is a wonderful breakfast but I enjoy it anytime of the day! Enjoy!

C.R. Final

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