the benefits of measuring big

side profileBaby Boy’s Profile

Since my 26 week appointment, my belly measurements have been on the “large size”. Luckily, I’m tall, and I don’t think most people notice that at 26 weeks, I was measuring 32 weeks! And at our 34 week appointment, I was measuring 40 weeks. That being said, my OB is slightly concerned about the status of our bambino’s accelerated growth pattern. I’m consistently measuring big, and I don’t have any other risks for a big bambino, plus being tall, I should ultimately be measuring smaller than bigger. It may just be the way I like to carry my babies. Front and center, so there’s no mistaking I’m pregnant or there may be a bigger than gestational age baby in there (OB’s concern).

That brings me to the benefit of measuring big! I was ordered to get another sonogram last Monday to make sure he wasn’t already 9 pounds with 6 weeks to go! We were just excited to have another sneak peak at our baby boy! We (as always) got to walk away with a couple prints and a DVD of our bambino’s acrobatic performance.

nose, chin and a handNose, lip, chin, and a part of a hand.

breathing b.boyOpening his mouth… practicing his swallowing/breathing. 

As we recently found out, he is measuring big! Proportionately big, but big nonetheless. At 34 weeks, he’s already 6 – 6 1/2 pounds and considered full-term! At this point he gains about 1/2 pound a week making him 9 or 10 pounds (breathe, Sarah) if we go the full 40 weeks… The doctor did indicate this means a semi-early arrival, if I want any chance of a natural delivery. Maybe he doesn’t want to share the month of August with his mom and dad? Maybe he wants mom and dad to realize the joys of unscheduled things to come? We’ll keep you posted!

Otherwise, this little guy did not want his photo taken! His hands were covering his face or he was sucking on his fingers or he was moving so much the doctor (the sonographer wasn’t available which didn’t help) couldn’t take the correct measurements! So, the pictures we have look more like globs throughout this post than baby, but we’ll try again in 3 weeks! We did find out he does have some hair on his head, and he’s practicing his breathing and swallowing, which is a wonderful sign of a healthy baby getting ready for the real world! It just makes me more excited to see this little guy in person and hold him in my arms! We cannot wait for his real debut!

3D image

3D image of his face. right arm across his forehead and left hand is in his mouth .

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