belly project part II

Just growing that baby over here! I cannot believe it, but I’ve hit my last trimester and am already considered full-term, that was at 34 weeks! I know I still have 4 weeks left but with all the uncertainty about me making to the Big 4-0 weeks, I wanted to get these photos up!

Week 21 – 36 have been a little more challenging than the first twenty, but still I have yet to complain (whole-heartedly) about this pregnancy process. A couple weeks ago, I finally had to stop trying to lay on my stomach to sleep (my preferred position prior to pregnancy), and I invested in a wedge pillow which has been awesome! I suggest it to all pregos! Then, while traveling to Pittsburgh to see a friend, I had my first experience with swelling! Cankles! It was super weird to have big ankles/feet/lower legs, but luckily it all went away when I was back on the ground in Texas. But they sprouted up again at Week 33. They look bigger to me but most wouldn’t notice, thank goodness.

Here’s Weeks 21 – 36. As usual most of my pictures were taken by my iPhone! It was just easier than having the hubs take them, but I did get into my t-shirt a couple times, too! It’s funny, before this experience, I felt bad for friends that would post their own pregnancy photos taken by themselves; now, I just realize it isn’t sad, it’s just more convenient… maybe I’ll invest in a tripod?

21 weeks

23 weeks

24 weeks

25 weeks

25.5 (26) Weeks

27 weeks

28 weeks

30 weeks

30.5 (31) weeks31.5 (32) weeks33 weeks34 weeks35 weeks

36 weeks

Otherwise, life is good, baby is good, and BIG, and we’re just getting really excited about his arrival which could be less than 2-3 weeks away, if the doctor has anything to do with it! Crazy! Oh, and I’ve been addicted to chocolate shakes or chocolate milk before bed… Justified by helping with my acid reflux! It works like a charm and yes, I recommend it to all my pregos out there!!

Happy Summer, Friends!

4 thoughts on “belly project part II

  1. I lived on vanilla ice cream cones for my acid reflux the last trimester. Go with what works! You look great. Best of luck with the last few weeks!

    • Thanks Katie!! Yes, the “chocolate shakes” are more vanilla than chocolate! There must a correlation with having boys! :)

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