he’s here!

Jackson PaulJackson Paul Snitker finally entered the world Monday night at 5:06 pm, weighing in at 8 lb, 5 oz, and stretching 20 3/4 inches long.

It was a long day and a long night beforehand. At 5 pm Sunday night, we had a date for cervical ripening at the hospital. We started the induction process at 6 am that next morning. 8 hours of dilating, followed by 2 1/2 hours of pushing, ended with an upward facing baby, shoulders shifting back and forth with each push, and a doctor with a grim outlook of getting him out vaginally. Eventually a c-section ensued.

So, the images of my labor being as easy as my mothers have abandoned me but the outcome of all these amazing events left me to believe it was all worth it. The hubs made a great point when he looked at me and asked me – When have we ever done anything the easy way? Why should we start now?



We spent the rest of the night and next day just staring at Jack, watching his first bath, completely memorized that he is ours. It’s amazing how your perspective on life can change dramatically in a couple of days. We are so so so blessed. He definitely has our hearts.


Paul & Jack

3 thoughts on “he’s here!

  1. He is the cutest little fellow ever… I’m super excited for guys!!! You both are so so very blessed. Take care my darling!!!

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