first road trip

We took our first road trip with Jack this past weekend. It was an impromptu short trip for some unfortunate circumstances, but we tried to make the best of it with friends and family.

Road Trip

We set out Friday with our fingers crossed that Jack would be able to make a 10 hour+ drive without screaming the whole way. At first he wasn’t a fan; the pacifier was in and out, but about 20 minutes in he was a champ and was game for the road trip! The only crying we heard from him was at the three-hour mark – he was starving and he wanted us to know it!!

Saturday, the hubs went to a funeral, while I recovered from the rager Jack decided to have the night before. Apparently, I didn’t get the party invitation from 11-3 am. 

After recovering, we spent the afternoon with family and friends. The hubs played with the nieces and nephews, while Jack was passed from person to person.

croquetJack had a lot of fans. And the hubs and I realized we now have leverage for people to come see us! Ha.

Jack Love

There is just something great about having family around. Having someone to take your baby even when he’s fussy, being able to veg out in sweatpants and spit up on your shorts with no judgement, and people there to laugh about the amount of pork one family can consume. Oh, family, we maybe quirky, but it’s a fun group.

Snitkers 8:2013

But by Sunday it was time to head South… I think Jack was pooped from all the love.


We had a wonderful weekend and I was so pleased to get out of the house, though scary; it felt good to interact with humans.

*Thank you Arlyn for the photography. I brought my camera but was too lazy/tired to get it out.

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