one year

DSC_0211It’s been how long? 2 months? Almost 3? Wow. Well, I have had a little quarrel with WordPress. They wanted to charge me for more space on my blog. Apparently, I like to take pictures in full definition and that takes up space. The quarrel was mainly one sided and yes, WordPress won. I gave in, two months later… Sorry for the delay.

Jack turned one back in July. We were able to make a trip all the way to Colorado for the festivities with the hubs’ side of the family, and he had a blast celebrating with his cousins!

1st Birthday

We took full advantage of our environment and the free babysitting! Side Note:I am super jealous of people who live close to family! We hiked…

Hiking Collage

We also took Jack for his first bike ride, and he loved every minute, as did the hubs and I. I just wish I would have gotten some audio of Jack squealing with delight as we road or at least a picture of his cute little body in the Burley. We definitely need one in Dallas! It was so fun getting out every day and just exploring! We biked in Frisco, a town close to Breckinridge and stopped at an adorable coffee shop before we headed back. It was amazing.

Biking Breck Collage

We also went to downtown Breckenridge and made a very needed stop at my favorite eatery! Crepes!!

Downtown Breck

And here’s our man in his final month! Gosh, it just gets better and better doesn’t it?!! He’s a super sweet boy, waves and claps at everyone and is always smiling. Happy 1st Birthday, Jack! I love you.

12 month collageAlso, here’s a link to Jack’s One Year photos. Just put in our last name and you’ll see all the Jack goodness! Enjoy.

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