let there be light

Pouf and Fixture

The father-in-law was here, the father-in-law was here! Easter weekend was spent with my in-laws at our house. They were nice enough to fly down for the extended weekend and help us with some house projects!

In Action

The husband and my father-in-law spent time switching out FOUR fixtures, two receptacles, and fixed a toilet! It was so motivating to have them here; it made me want to do even more!

The first fixture in the dining room was probably the hardest. They had to head up to the attic because I wanted them to place a fixture directly above the dining table and get rid of the center chandelier in the middle of the room. Now the space serves as both a living room and dining room instead of one big dining room. Below you can see the old chandelier in the middle of the room, reflected in the mirror.

Full Dining

I chose a 3-jar chandelier I got from West Elm (go figure). It worked perfect in the space. It doesn’t look too formal for the table, and I’m so pleased with the size!

Dining Room After Fixture

Dining Side view - Fixture

Then, the pair moved on to the kitchen. In our little kitchen nook, there was a big ceiling fan, which was nice, but I want the space to have a more structured spot for eating and entertaining. Plus the big ceiling fan wasn’t that aesthetically pleasing.

kitchen light - before

I decided on Ballard‘s Eldridge Pendant. I kept the existing placement of the electrical box (the guys were happy about that) but had them swing the chain to center the light over our little farm table. At first, I was a little nervous I got too big of a fixture for such a small space, but as I look at it daily, it really works with the space.

Kitchen Light

If that wasn’t enough, they moved to the nursery. There was a very dated fan in the nursery that needed to go!! I wanted some sort of chandlier or pendant for this space depending on if it was a girl or a boy. With a boy in my belly, I went with Serena & Lily‘s Birds Nest Hanging Pendant which my father-in-law affectionately called the waste basket. Here’s the before picture of the nursery.

Nursery w:Fan

And the nursery light after! I’m in love with the nursery light, and at night it makes a wonderful design on the ceiling! Again, I was worried about how big it was for the space but it worked perfectly! I absolutely love it! I think it looks a little more boy-oriented and again love the wooden look that accents the wood on the crib and the woods on the dresser!

Nursery Final

Lastly, we used our white kitchen fan to replace the current light in the guest room. The guest room had a fluorescent light in the room from the previous owners who used the space as an office.

guest room - office

All I had to do was clean up the fan, and I bought four new light globes for the fan to make it a little more modern. It felt good to reuse the light and get the old nasty fluorescent out!

Guest Room - Fan

It’s absolutely awesome to have that all off the to do list and all those lights off the ground and in there spots! I’m so thankful no one electrocuted themselves or fell through the ceiling! A big thanks to the husband and father-in-law for your extended efforts and work throughout the weekend!

pashmina, what?!

I figured it was time for some house love! I’ve been wanting to post this simple example of paint color for a while… but other things have been on my plate. Literally! Banana Bread, yes!?

My husband and I finally finished painting all the major rooms in the house.  It was a rather huge accomplishment! And I’m looking forward to the last rooms; the laundry room (yes, still searching for “the” color) and two bathrooms left, but that’s it! Yay!

We finished “Guest Room #1” a couple weeks ago and were blown away by the results.  We used the same, yes, the same-exact-color as we used in “Guest Room #2” but were amazed with the contrasting results.  I had purchased an extra gallon but only really needed a little to touch up “Guest Room #2” and figured it was a great color to paint the other bedroom.  What we’re really pleased with, and I shouldn’t be that surprised, is that the color in each room feels so different!

This is why you always take the color home, put it up in the room, and walk around, walk around A LOT… at night, during the day, midday, midnight, lights on, lights off, you get the idea… to make sure you like it. It will always look different in the room you’re painting than in the paint store. Luckily, we had “Guest Room #2” to make sure we liked the color, but it looks SO, I mean sooooo different in each room! This is a fun way, especially if you’re scared of color, to paint several rooms the same. It’s okay! Sometimes with different lighting, amount of windows, etc, it can make for a dramatic difference!

Okay, have I made you wait long enough!? First the progress of guest room #1.

Guest Room #1 – Before

Guest Room #1 – After

Alright, now we’re excited to load up the room and make people come down and stay a couple nights!! But first I’ll refresh your memory of “Guest Room #2” (geez I need to get another name for these two rooms)!  I made them a little small so you can see them in the same screen and the contrast of the same color.

Benjamin Moore AF – 100 Pashmina


Maybe I should go look at the paint cans again?!? …just in case. He he.