labor & delivery

(picture courtesy of Addison & her mother)

Have you ever heard new moms talk about their delivery process? Well, I have. I recently had three very close friends have babies. Two of these being their first and the other her third. They all tell this remarkably calm story about their child’s birth. The spouse did this, and I was feeling that, so we decided to go to the hospital. Admitted. The nurse said I was dilated, epidurals, etc. All three added in one minor anecdote, “not going to lie, it was a little painful.” One friend even claimed to her husband that she was done having babies when that pain hit, but then they all magically go on to the details of their first meeting; Addison, Miles, or Lucas. Now, I always thought this was my mom’s extremely positive spin on life, when she talked about my delivery story, which she would recite to me every August 7 @ 3:19 pm. But there must be baby-steia or baby-abnesia that helps you get thru the pain.  I’m convinced.

This womanly characteristic is probably the reason I wanted to paint the master bathroom with stripes. I have no recollection of the pain and misery and anger those strips in the 1/2 bath caused me; no, all I have left is the internal bliss of those stripes every time I walk past. Sometimes, I walk down that hall just to get a view of those stripes and smile at them.

Motherhood is amazing. Ha.

Here is a picture of the master bath:

Before (before we moved in)

Benjamin Moore boothbay gray HC-165
The tutorial is the same as the 1/2 bath post, the only difference being, I decided to do three colored stripes instead of two. The colors were Benjamin Moore Early Morning Mist 1528 (medium color) and Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee OC-45 (lightest color) & Benjamin Moore Stone Harbor 2011-50 (darkest color).
This bathroom was definitely the second child, the wild child. Like any typical second child, it was ready to test my limits, and when I took off the tape this is what I discovered… Why did I decide to do this?! Ahhh.

I waited until the next day and touched up all the lines with a small brush and a surgical steady hand.  Luckily I had both.

This is probably why the average American household has only two children. I think I’m done myself… at least with painting stripes.

 Oh, and all three ladies would have another in a heartbeat.

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