master bathroom decor

Master bathroom final

My master bathroom got some love the other weekend and I would love to share the results. Nothing crazy, but some fun flare to help finish the space. This could be a great way (cheap, too) to help your own space.

This is how it looked before.


I loved the stripes but I need some art! I also wanted a designated space for my makeup brushes and bag because they were always set on the counter. I went to West Elm with a gift certificate and picked up a fun metallic lacquered tray. They come in a bunch of colors and I have a couple around the house that I love! It’s a fun addition to help structure the space.

West Elm Tray

I had a frame laying around, too! I bought this wall art that fit with the color scheme. It may or may not stay in the space but it’s been fun having it in the space for the time being. Whales in the bathroom?!? I’m just talking about the watercolor! Ha!

Etsy Print

These are just two great ways to help evolve a space. A little wall art and a tray can transition a space well!

oldie but a goodie

One of the reasons we fell in love with our 1964 home was that it still possessed many of the original details. I love all the built-ins, knobs and pulls, and the light fixtures in two of our bathrooms.  The only ones we plan or have replaced thus far are the ones the previous owners replaced themselves…. Probably in the 80’s. I’m trying to keep a lot of the original fixtures, but updating them to our style.

Painting the ceiling in our master bathroom brought to my attention the need for some major love to the original light fixture in the space. I took down the white bowl fixture and assessed it’s wear. It needed some cleaning.

I cleaned the glass bowl and went to Lowe’s with the fixture in hand to look at spray paint.  Holy cow, I haven’t been in the spray paint section for years! It definitely had babies, lots of paint can babies. It was practically the whole row, filled with endless paint colors and textures!  I was thinking of a brushed flat black when I went in, but came out with a mix of black and grayish hammered goodness from Rust-Oleum “trusted quality from 1921”.
I took the whole fixture off the ceiling. Make sure to kill the power (safety first), then used steel wool to take off any loose paint, rust, and mildew from the surface. This also helps rough up the fixture for the paint to stick.
Looks better already! I used painters tape to tape off anything I didn’t want to be spray painted such as the wires and opening to the lightbulb. Now spray away! Outside. On paper. Let set for 90 minutes. Obviously, use your own can’s directions for recommended drying time.
Remount fixture in the bathroom! Look at her shine! Giving new life to an old piece makes me so happy! They don’t make ’em like they used to, so might as well try to save ’em!
I have plans to try this idea (a different color) on the door knobs and pulls in our dry bar! We’ll see?!?

labor & delivery

(picture courtesy of Addison & her mother)

Have you ever heard new moms talk about their delivery process? Well, I have. I recently had three very close friends have babies. Two of these being their first and the other her third. They all tell this remarkably calm story about their child’s birth. The spouse did this, and I was feeling that, so we decided to go to the hospital. Admitted. The nurse said I was dilated, epidurals, etc. All three added in one minor anecdote, “not going to lie, it was a little painful.” One friend even claimed to her husband that she was done having babies when that pain hit, but then they all magically go on to the details of their first meeting; Addison, Miles, or Lucas. Now, I always thought this was my mom’s extremely positive spin on life, when she talked about my delivery story, which she would recite to me every August 7 @ 3:19 pm. But there must be baby-steia or baby-abnesia that helps you get thru the pain.  I’m convinced.

This womanly characteristic is probably the reason I wanted to paint the master bathroom with stripes. I have no recollection of the pain and misery and anger those strips in the 1/2 bath caused me; no, all I have left is the internal bliss of those stripes every time I walk past. Sometimes, I walk down that hall just to get a view of those stripes and smile at them.

Motherhood is amazing. Ha.

Here is a picture of the master bath:

Before (before we moved in)

Benjamin Moore boothbay gray HC-165
The tutorial is the same as the 1/2 bath post, the only difference being, I decided to do three colored stripes instead of two. The colors were Benjamin Moore Early Morning Mist 1528 (medium color) and Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee OC-45 (lightest color) & Benjamin Moore Stone Harbor 2011-50 (darkest color).
This bathroom was definitely the second child, the wild child. Like any typical second child, it was ready to test my limits, and when I took off the tape this is what I discovered… Why did I decide to do this?! Ahhh.

I waited until the next day and touched up all the lines with a small brush and a surgical steady hand.  Luckily I had both.

This is probably why the average American household has only two children. I think I’m done myself… at least with painting stripes.

 Oh, and all three ladies would have another in a heartbeat.

three’s no crowd

Summers have always been special months for both Paul and I! We’re summer babies and love all the summer festivities: grilling, warm air, weddings, yard sales, and country music (Tim McGraw’s ~ My Next Thirty Years has been playing a lot in our household). Fitting, no? Late August brings the joys of buying school supplies (I love that stuff), the start of football, and hints of sweater season.  This year we got to add one more event to that list of summer loves: the purchase of our home! I cannot believe we’ve been here for a month, but it’s been a fabulous adventure already!  I love coming home to a loved house with history, old trees, that if they could talk, I’m sure would have lots to tell, and a neighborhood full of people that look after each other.  We have a 90-year-old (a multiple of 30!) neighbor that brought us over her special morning muffins and two cornbread muffins for dinner. If we like them, she offered to pass along the recipe. of course.  The previous owners said not to worry, if there’s anything suspicious going on, she will always call you before she calls the police.  We have another neighbor who has an uncanny ability to show up whenever we have workers in the house… “you know, I just passed by, and saw…” I love it.  Our neighborhood is a great mix of young and old, dogs and cats and one coyote. Good neighbors is something you can’t count on when purchasing a home.

We’ve been celebrating all month long in the Snitker household.

They actually took our offer!

Celebrating thirty days in our new house!

I turned thirty!

Paul turned the big 3-0!

And we had three rooms de-wallpapered and painted!

Master Bathroom




Benjamin Moore Natura boothbay gray HC-165 in Eggshell.





Benjamin Moore Natura stone harbor 2111-50 in Eggshell.




See the water damage on the left.  I’m praying it hasn’t gone into the cabinets.


Benjamin Moore Natura yarmouth blue HC-150 in Eggshell.

I have to admit, I think the kitchen is a vast improvement over what we had, but I’m still not all-in with the blue paint. It always looks so good in photos but maybe I’m stretching my palette a little too much? In the master bedroom and kitchen, I’m still not sure.  I may change it down the road. We’ll see.

We’re pretty pleased with the results.  Besides the water logged wall in the kitchen, that is. But I consider ourselves lucky we moved forward with having the wallpaper removed so early in our renovations, as we may be able to salvage more than had we waited.  And if all else fails we’ll save up our pennies and remodel the kitchen a little sooner than expected.  Sorry, wood floors you might have to wait. Here’s to the positive!    

I’ll leave you with a picture of a man starving. As I was taking the last progress pictures in the kitchen, this little man hadn’t had dinner and judging from his wrinkles, he’s really worried everyone forgot!   (We didn’t).

I hope everyone has a fabulous-relaxing-long weekend!