Last night, we served thirteen people an Italian-inspired menu for a fabulous wine club pairing. We started with extra virgin olive oil, baguettes, cheese and prosciutto. Paul made his seasoned spaghetti, which we served with an Italian salad and garlic bread. For dessert, we enjoyed tiramisu and cannoli…. and lots of bottles of wine.

The one downfall of the fabulous evening was that I didn’t take pictures. I recharged my battery and everything!! Ah. But once guests started to arrive, bread had to be cut, and all the prep work had to be finished in our little galley kitchen… so the camera unfortunately didn’t move from it’s lone place on the counter.

I did, however, take pictures of the party gifts we gave. Little bottles of extra virgin olive oil…

I started by heading over to Hobby Lobby and picking up fun bottles.  At first, I was going to pick different types, but I fell in love with these little gems.
Simply add your favorite extra virgin oil olive.
I then purchased colored twine and alphabet buttons.
I placed a button, which corresponded to each person’s or couple’s last name and added about four loops of string around the rim of the jar.
Repeat this technique for how many ever you are making.
These were a hit… not only for picture taking, but for the party.  Everyone really liked them.  I’m sure they will be used for more of a display piece, but there is some great evoo in each of them, too!
If you wanted to add more to this gift, you could send guests away with a baguette and seasoning! The possibilities are endless.
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