a wedding and orange toes

Springtime in Dallas is absolutely beautiful…. it has to be, to gear everyone up for the absolutely miserable summer to follow.  Luckily, brides in Dallas are smart and schedule their weddings during this beautiful time of year.  We had the pleasure of going to our friends, Taylor and Amber’s, wedding this past Saturday and seeing them start their new life together.

As I was a guest, I also took a couple snap shots of the fun ideas and details of their wedding.  The venue was an old warehouse with exposed beams and brick in North Dallas and the details were not overlooked.

They had a gift table with an adorable bird cage for cards… yes, I know this picture is blurry! It was dark and I didn’t want to use my flash. (tear).

On the sweet’s table, they had these adorable napkins!  They also had chocolate-covered strawberries, which was a fun alternative to cake!

Mason jars with vintage family photos were part of the tables’ centerpieces.  They also had placed vintage paper that were made into flowers throughout the venue… which I loved and took one home as a keepsake. Don’t worry, I plan to tell Amber.

and at home…

There was an entire wall in the bar area covered with vases and one yellow daisy in each.  This photo doesn’t give this massive  wall justice!

We sent them away to Costa Rica with sparklers…

They gave each guest seasoned walnuts in cute silver boxes. They were set in this adorable vintage suitcase draped with vintage lace. Love!

After saying goodbye to the beautiful couple, Paul and I walked across the street to a rooftop bar, where we talked and danced the night away.

During all the weekend activities, I did manage to cross one item off my 33 before I’m 33 list. I went to a local Palm Beach Tan, because they were having a 2 for 1 special on Mystic Tan; I figured it was now or never! Now, I’m not saying I’m an expert (look streaky feet.. okay my whole body!), but here are a couple of things I’ve learned from the experience.

  1. Exfoliate before you go; that way, the spray tan will be applied to fresh skin, giving you a more even tone, lasting longer.
  2. Listen to the mystic tan lady! I was supposed to rotate 4 different times, and I didn’t! Ha. I ended up getting a double coat on one side. Lesson learned.
  3. Work hard to wipe off your hands with paper towels and baby wipes, then wash them with soap and water before you leave, especially your palms!
  4. Make sure you give yourself time. You aren’t supposed to shower for a least 4 hours after the mystic tan, so if you’re planning on doing it for an event, plan accordingly.
  5. Mystic tan or bust… honestly, if you worked with me for a day, you would understand. And no, tanning beds ARE NOT better for you than regular sun.  Wear sunscreen and reapply often.  Make sure the sunscreen is UVA and UVB protective, and SPF 40 or higher is the best. All work the same, but some feel better than others. Here’s my favorite, Elta MD.

I hope everyone had as great of weekend as we did! 

5 thoughts on “a wedding and orange toes

  1. awww! I’m so glad I found your blog! Thanks for posting about our wedding, and I’m sorry you got a sad squished flower. :)

    • Ah, Thanks. Thank YOU for inviting us! I love taking pictures at events! Don’t worry about the squished flower, that was my fault… I put it in my purse! :)

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