oldie but a goodie

One of the reasons we fell in love with our 1964 home was that it still possessed many of the original details. I love all the built-ins, knobs and pulls, and the light fixtures in two of our bathrooms.  The only ones we plan or have replaced thus far are the ones the previous owners replaced themselves…. Probably in the 80’s. I’m trying to keep a lot of the original fixtures, but updating them to our style.

Painting the ceiling in our master bathroom brought to my attention the need for some major love to the original light fixture in the space. I took down the white bowl fixture and assessed it’s wear. It needed some cleaning.

I cleaned the glass bowl and went to Lowe’s with the fixture in hand to look at spray paint.  Holy cow, I haven’t been in the spray paint section for years! It definitely had babies, lots of paint can babies. It was practically the whole row, filled with endless paint colors and textures!  I was thinking of a brushed flat black when I went in, but came out with a mix of black and grayish hammered goodness from Rust-Oleum “trusted quality from 1921”.
I took the whole fixture off the ceiling. Make sure to kill the power (safety first), then used steel wool to take off any loose paint, rust, and mildew from the surface. This also helps rough up the fixture for the paint to stick.
Looks better already! I used painters tape to tape off anything I didn’t want to be spray painted such as the wires and opening to the lightbulb. Now spray away! Outside. On paper. Let set for 90 minutes. Obviously, use your own can’s directions for recommended drying time.
Remount fixture in the bathroom! Look at her shine! Giving new life to an old piece makes me so happy! They don’t make ’em like they used to, so might as well try to save ’em!
I have plans to try this idea (a different color) on the door knobs and pulls in our dry bar! We’ll see?!?

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