one whole week

Jack 1 week

We survived a whole week with Jack in our lives! I guess, more like, he survived a whole week with us! Either way, here’s his one week photo! I plan to do these until he leaves for college…

I’m only mildly joking.

BUT I might refer to him in weeks or months until then. Ha.

And one outtake that makes me laugh every time! What a ham!

JPS Smile

7 thoughts on “one whole week

  1. I Did Weekly ThenMonthly Pictures WithAsher Too. Its FunTo SeeHim Get So Big! NowHe Snuggles WithHis Animal AndLooksGiant. So Fun And Cute ForThe Scrap Book! (My Auto Correct Is Doing A Number On Upper CaSe). PS Ur Big Guy Is Very cute! Congrats

    • Hey Dana! Yes, I’m super excited to see the changes he’ll make, especially in this first year. He’s already changed since coming home from the hospital! :)

    • Thanks Jenni! I got the elephant at our grocery store called Central Market. They had an elephant, lion, and a couple other animals that are super adorable. I seriously had to stop myself from getting the lion too. I’ve also seen them at Baby Bliss in Dallas. I hope that helps. If you want one, I can always send you pictures of the different ones and send one up! :) Let me know!

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