flyin’ solo


This week the hubs headed back to work, which left Jack and I alone to fend for ourselves.

I’m a rather anxious person by nature, and the idea of being alone was no exception. What if I don’t know what he needs? It reminds me of the those survival shows. They send contestants out to some remote destination and see if they survive. Except, I’m in Dallas, and have all the amenities one would need to succeed. Plus, it’s my kid; my prize is keeping him happy for a whole week.

Though it does feel like I’m in an African desert because of this Texas heat! Horrible. It’s been triple digits all week, making it not the ideal environment to head outdoors with a newborn.

It turns out, Jack is pretty easy. Right now at least.

  • He likes his sleep. Just not at night.
  • He doesn’t like hats or being swaddled when sleeping. Hands above the head is a must. Genetic? See above.
  • He’ll fall asleep 99% of the time while feeding, so I must change his diaper, clothes, etc, between sets.
  • He’s a sweetheart and going easy on his mom.

Other than that, I stare at his face for hours and take way too may pictures of him.
Jack's 1st Week

Happy Weekend Friends, and thanks Jack!

Me & J

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