kitchen planning + demo

Pre-DemoOur galley kitchen before the demo. Minus our hardware which we sold on Craigslist. 

I don’t think you realize the goodness (chaos) that is going on in our household. No, not the baby announcement!! We have a kitchen remodel in process, as I type this post! Actually, the contractor/workers have all gone home for the evening but you get my idea!

A couple of weeks ago, gosh more like a month ago, I started smelling this funky smell in our kitchen. It was especially prominent when I opened up the drawers, under the sink, and when we revved up our freight-train-sounding-dishwasher. The hubs didn’t smell it at first, and I started to believe this was something my pregnancy nose was conjuring up! Finally, the hubs smelled it, too, and we knew we had to do something. It smelled moldy! We had assessment peeps out and they established two things; yes, we were smelling mold, and pointed out some of it manifestations AND he, too, had no clue where it was coming from.

This meant demolition. Taking out the cabinets, at least on the sink side to expose the leak. At first, I was bummed that we didn’t get to do our kitchen remodel on our terms/timeline but then realized, this was the push we needed to just do it! We hired a contractor that was willing to work with our little galley kitchen and me, to make this space our own!

Below are a couple snapshots of the redesign and ideas I gave him for the space. We pushed our refrigerator over making more counter space for cooking, took out the furrow to extend the cabinets all the way up to the ceiling, added a wine cooler, apron sink, and put drawers next to the sink for towels!! It was wonderful living in our kitchen for three years before the planning, so we could tweak things we didn’t like throughout the space. There was a big part of me that wanted to open up the space (basically above the range) to the family room and have a more open concept kitchen; I pictured pendant lighting, a couple stools for the kiddos and the ability to see whats going on in the family room while in the kitchen. But, I was turned down numerous times for various reason. So, I’ll keep my uppers and the wall, and Jack and our baby girl will have to play unsupervised. I’m only kidding…

As you can tell I’m a BIG fan of white kitchens! I love the cleanliness they possess, and the accent colors you can add to white throughout the years are endless. You aren’t tied down with a color scheme, which I like.
I’m deciding between Benjamin Moore’s Rockport Gray, which I already love, or Valley Forge Tan; it’s a little lighter than Rockport with less mud green tones and more reddish undertones. And those are white subways tiles with two different quartz countertops. Sorry it’s more yellow than pure white in this picture.
Idea P
And then the demo began. Our contractor informed us this was the worst water damage he has seen, which was not uplifting news considering he has been in the business for 50+ years, but he reassured us it would look great, the leak would be fixed (yes, he found it, it was the main water line coming into the kitchen) and the damage would be fixed/replaced/cleaned and never be seen in the final product. After I saw this, I was a little leery myself…Cabinet Demo
Water Damage
The water damage went underneath our wood floor as well as our subfloor, which was not in the original plans for the space, but it had to be done. The leak just kept going! Luckily, our insurance will help us out with some of the cost.
Other not-so-fun parts of renovation is our soon-to-be baby’s nursery now houses our kitchen! Our guest bath is our kitchen sink, dog bowl storage, and bath/bathroom! And our living room holds our pantry, refrigeration, and microwave. Jack thinks it’s heaven…. I guess at least someone likes the chaos.
I’ll be back with the start of putting it allllll back together, soon!!
Happy weekend, Friends!