half bath reveal


Before our new daughter came into this world, we had another celebration! Our half bath renovation was finished! We had a wonderful contractor, who’s one goal was to finish the bathroom before we had the baby, and he did!!! We couldn’t be more pleased with the space. But first here’s the ugly demo picture!

Half Bath Demo

Here’s the room all put back together. We kept the same layout; we took down the cabinet above the toilet to make this teeny-tiny space took a little bigger and replaced the vanity and fixtures. We could not be happier with the tiny space and love the new look!


We went with a hexagon floor tiles which have a hint of blue and green in them and feel like scales on your toes!


We decided on classic subway tiles up the entire wall behind the sink which acts as a backsplash for any water while washing your hands or face. With a toddler, splashing happens often. We extended the tiles from floor to ceiling for a more dramatic look. I wasn’t sure if one wall would look weird, but I think it turned out really well!


The sink and vanity are from IKEA and the bronze pulls are from Schoolhouse Electric. I really like the way the vanity floats above the floor, making the space feel a little bigger. However, our plumber wasn’t a fan of the vanity, as he spent all day configuring the plumbing, so it would fit in the small space behind the drawers. I suggest showing your plumber this vanity early on in the process. He will really appreciate it. The handles were an add-on, IKEA’s vanities don’t need hardware, but the subtle detail helps to make it less cookie-cutter. Plus, the bronze makes it pop!


I also purchased the pendant light from school house electric and we love the big bold glass, bronze finish and the way the colors accent the mirror, vanity hardware and the framed artwork above the toilet. Ahhh… It makes me happy!


All in all, we are loving this space. I still have a couple details to finish, such as window treatments, maybe a shelf above the toilet, drawer organizers, and some art to the left of the window. But, it’s 90% finished and with two small kiddos, I’ll take it!

Happy Week, Friends!

11 thoughts on “half bath reveal

  1. Hey Sara. Gorgeous half bath redo! Love the Schoolhouse pulls. Now that you’ve had the Ikea sink / cabinet combo for a while, do you have any feedback on how it’s held up to daily use? I found your blog because I want to install the same sink in our basement bath. Thanks and keep up the blogging!

    • Hi Soraya,

      First, thank you for reading! I have to say overall we are more than pleased with our half bath. I looked at it again today, really looked, and everything looks exactly like the day it was installed. I have to say we are more than happy with our choices and yes, the schoolhouse electric pulls are a definite game changer! I still love them!! I also purchased an Ikea drawer organizer and love it, too!

      The only thing I can think of is about a week or two after the install, I noticed a rust ring forming around the sink drain. I cringed thinking it was “a cheap Ikea product” but told my installer and Ikea about the situation. I got the same part from Ikea for free and had my installer replace it. The new fixture sat lower the second time, so I don’t know if it was the Ikea product? Or an error on my installer’s part? but it hasn’t happened since! I hope this helps in your evaluation! Good luck with your renovation!

  2. Wonderful remodel! What paint color did you use on the walls? Also, where did you purchase the round mirror from?

  3. Hi Sarah! What are the dimensions of your half bath? I am trying to convince my husband to add a bathroom in our basement and I am in LOVE with yours!

  4. Hi there. Beautiful bathroom! Did you just drill through the cabinet fronts to install the pull handles? Any recommendations?

    • Thank you, Emily! Yes, we just drilled through the cabinet…. it was pretty simple! I just made sure we measured like a thousand times before drilling. My husband usually puts tape over where he drills then an “X” to mark the spot on the tape instead of the cabinet. Hope that helps!

  5. Hi Sarah. I really love your style in all of your remodeling. I am planning to use the same hex floor tile in my girls’ jack and jill bathroom remodel. Do you happen to remember the grout color you used? Also, how has the tile held up and do you still like it? Thanks for any input!

    • Hi Stacey, Thanks for reading. Sorry for the delay, I was trying to remember the grout color and wanted to give you a definitive answer. I am 90% confident that I used oyster grey. The tile and grout have held up nicely. The only thing I would change would be a sealant over the grout so when it gets wet you can’t tell. Currently, when it gets wet, it turns a little darker and it just bothers me. It happens a lot because we have little kids. I know that doesn’t bother my husband but it does bother me. I hope this helps! Best, Sarah

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