spa week

Last week Dallas celebrated Spa Week! It’s a whole week of deals, from massages to chemical peels. You can try the latest-and-greatest or just schedule your favorite services at half the price! Yep, half off!! I wasn’t going to standby while these celebrations were going on and deals were being had! So, I called our local spa to schedule my services that would cross off another item on my 33 before I’m 33 list!

I first scheduled the hubs and I for a massage on Tuesday night after work. It was so soothing to meet up at the spa after a long day of work. We both needed it!

Then on Friday, I came back for a facial and manicure/pedicure (check!), to finish out the spa celebrations! I picked a fun fall color, dark cider pumpkin, at least that would be my description on the polish, but O.P.I. has other ideas… which I love all the same.

It was such a relaxing experience! I absolutely recommend a facial to anyone and everyone! It feels SO amazingly wonderful, especially when it’s half the price! Score!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

mile’s nursery

Hi Friends!

Back in December I shared with you chicago nesting style.  My best friend was expecting her first and I flew to Chicago to help with the baby decor! We shopped a lot that weekend (online and in the city), and our vision really came together. I think it turned out really well!

Here’s a couple of photos of the space. It’s a little “lived in” but I figured that would be best!

Resources:  Color – Benjamin Moore HC-159 Phillipsburg Blue, Crib – Wal-Mart, Rug & Lantern –, Sheep Skin Rug – Ikea, Glider – West Elm, Dresser – Thrifted, Owl Prints – Etsy, Love print – T.J.Maxx, Miles yarn letters – homemade from a friend, Frames – Ikea

Miles said he liked it too.

oh, nat-ur-al!

I did it!  I took the plunge on Friday and dyed my hair back to it’s (mostly) natural color. As close-to-a-bottle-of-hair-dye-could-provide natural color.  It took a little encouragement from a friend, a cousin, and a hairdresser (do you call them that?) to get the job done but it’s a fun new change! Gosh, I cannot believe my hair could possibly be this dark!

Usually, I would schedule my hair appointments every 6-8 weeks, and for the past three visits, I would tell my hairdresser, “I want to go natural”.

He would say okay. Are you sure?

I then would pause, and say, “no, the usual, please!”

He and I would laugh, and I would be blonde for another month and a half.

This time it was different, I had my 33 before 33 in mind, and I wanted a change, a big change! Like Carrie in the first Sex in the City movie!

Below is a picture of me semi-panicked as Blue (my hairdresser) mixes up the color!

Here goes nothing…

Processed and waiting for style. Still questioning, what was I thinking?!?

All in all I’m really happy I did it. For one, I think I look more like a mix of my parents. I have my mom’s eyes and smile and apparently her hair, too. I love that my eyes look more green than just brown and my skin tone seems to match better; who knew?!

And here’s the final, with a little curl.

I thought this would save us some money, but now I get to explore a whole new color scheme in makeup and wardrobe… eek!

pinster style

I’ve loved the idea of Pinterest for a long time. I first logged into Pinterest in 2009, not knowing quite how the whole thing worked, but I loved the idea of endless arrays of pictures at your fingertips.  Since then, actually within the last couple of months, I figured it all out, and it has been such a wonderful way to research ideas for my home, wardrobe, and recipes.  One pin that I frequently receive ‘likes’ and ‘repins’ on is my DIY brush holder.  I first found it on Pinterest and wanted to make my own.

My inspiration: here.

I went out to Hobby Lobby when they were having one of their many sales. 50% off all vases! Score! I swooped up this great square vase for only $4.00!

I then went into my kitchen cabinet to find some coffee beans. I know this is sac-religious to coffee lovers, but trust me on this one!

I then filled the vase about 1/2 full of coffee beans. I wanted to make a pot of coffee right then and there; don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Collect all of your make-up brushes.  Yes, I seem to have a lot of them?!? And yes, my blush brush has been attack by a young yellow lab who will remain nameless. And finally no, I don’t use half of them but they are so fun to have around… just in case.

Assemble to your liking!

Shifting around the brushes when you are getting ready releases such a wonderful coffee aroma; you’ll be ready for the day… and a cup of joe!