family room progress

We’ve been really enjoying our Texas spring; we have to, because the Texas summer is next. In between the beautiful weather, we have been working on the family room. I wanted to share some of our progress.

Here’s the original.

Then, I painted the paneling Benjamin Moore AF-130 Truffle here.

Then I painted the fireplace here.

You would think it was all done, right?

No… we decided to do some renovations, like taking down that paneling I painted!?! Just look at what we found!

Scary! Then, we opened the door from the entry way. It looks like it should have been that way! So much more open and inviting!

We found a kitchen “butler window” in the process of taking down the paneling and drywall! Crazy!?!

We also took down the pillars in the kitchen… then the drywall was put into place!

It looked so open and airy! We decided with all that destruction, why replace the old, leaky sliding glass door, too!

It all came together nicely! I painted the walls Benjamin Moore Early Morning Mist 1528 and have plans to paint/stain/tint the wood beams and some day get reclaimed barn wood to put over them. The lighting needs to be addressed, too!! It’s progress. I also have my eye on a big map for the wall as well! I’ll keep you posted!

In the kitchen, I still want to get long drapes, art on the walls, and a new light fixture.

Progress comes in all shapes and sizes! It’s been really fun revealing our! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

pinster style

I’ve loved the idea of Pinterest for a long time. I first logged into Pinterest in 2009, not knowing quite how the whole thing worked, but I loved the idea of endless arrays of pictures at your fingertips.  Since then, actually within the last couple of months, I figured it all out, and it has been such a wonderful way to research ideas for my home, wardrobe, and recipes.  One pin that I frequently receive ‘likes’ and ‘repins’ on is my DIY brush holder.  I first found it on Pinterest and wanted to make my own.

My inspiration: here.

I went out to Hobby Lobby when they were having one of their many sales. 50% off all vases! Score! I swooped up this great square vase for only $4.00!

I then went into my kitchen cabinet to find some coffee beans. I know this is sac-religious to coffee lovers, but trust me on this one!

I then filled the vase about 1/2 full of coffee beans. I wanted to make a pot of coffee right then and there; don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Collect all of your make-up brushes.  Yes, I seem to have a lot of them?!? And yes, my blush brush has been attack by a young yellow lab who will remain nameless. And finally no, I don’t use half of them but they are so fun to have around… just in case.

Assemble to your liking!

Shifting around the brushes when you are getting ready releases such a wonderful coffee aroma; you’ll be ready for the day… and a cup of joe!


Last night, we served thirteen people an Italian-inspired menu for a fabulous wine club pairing. We started with extra virgin olive oil, baguettes, cheese and prosciutto. Paul made his seasoned spaghetti, which we served with an Italian salad and garlic bread. For dessert, we enjoyed tiramisu and cannoli…. and lots of bottles of wine.

The one downfall of the fabulous evening was that I didn’t take pictures. I recharged my battery and everything!! Ah. But once guests started to arrive, bread had to be cut, and all the prep work had to be finished in our little galley kitchen… so the camera unfortunately didn’t move from it’s lone place on the counter.

I did, however, take pictures of the party gifts we gave. Little bottles of extra virgin olive oil…

I started by heading over to Hobby Lobby and picking up fun bottles.  At first, I was going to pick different types, but I fell in love with these little gems.
Simply add your favorite extra virgin oil olive.
I then purchased colored twine and alphabet buttons.
I placed a button, which corresponded to each person’s or couple’s last name and added about four loops of string around the rim of the jar.
Repeat this technique for how many ever you are making.
These were a hit… not only for picture taking, but for the party.  Everyone really liked them.  I’m sure they will be used for more of a display piece, but there is some great evoo in each of them, too!
If you wanted to add more to this gift, you could send guests away with a baguette and seasoning! The possibilities are endless.
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spring wreath

Since moving into a home, I’ve found a new love for decorating my entryway with a seasonal wreath… my red wreath was used from Christmas through Valentine’s Day. But now I was on the hunt for a fun spring wreath.  I did my usual looking though Target’s great selection but couldn’t see spending $30.00 – $50.00 dollars on a new wreath.  Luckily my boss has been out for spring break making it easy to browse the internet for ideas.  I found this on a crafting website via Restore Style and thought it was such a fun cheap idea!


– Spanish Moss – I bought 2 bags from the Dollar Tree

– Glue gun & glue sticks (Dollar Tree also has 20 sticks/$1.00, score!)

– Alphabet letter of your choice – I got mine at Hobby Lobby, but saw them in a “paper box-y look” at JoAnn’s too, but the “S” wasn’t that cute; that’s why I go the wood one.

– Adhesive Spray

– Ribbon (I had this at my house)

– Disposable rubber gloves

– Stapler

All-in-all I spent around $10.00 for all my supplies!

Start by applying the moss onto the letter. Lots and lots of glue was scarified for this project.  I put moss on top and then moved to the outer edges.

Continue all around the whole top side of the letter… until it’s lush and full.

Take your creation outside and spray it with adhesive spray.  After spraying the wreath, with gloved hands, mold your moss.  I just said “mold your moss”; why is that so funny to me? Ha. Anyway, this will help any wispy fly-a-ways stay where you want.  It’s like hairspray for your project.

Then, cut your ribbon and apply to the back to the desired height.  I glued mine to the back, waited for it to dry, then stapled it for extra support.

Step back and enjoy your creation!  I think this would be such a fun housewarming, wedding, bridal shower gift, or party decoration!! The possibilities are endless!